Co-curricular Activities (SAM)

This course is a 54-hour lecture class designed to prepare the students for career opportunities in a rapidly changing environment. It covers topics such as Business Communication skills, Administration Support Responsibilities, Business Correspondence, Record Management System and Professional Office Career. The On-the-Job training component is equivalent to 300 hrs. where 250 hrs. is allotted for training in the practicum site and the remaining 50 hrs. is allotted for management and leadership skills development through committee work in school and college based organizations and activities.


The JPIA is a unifying organization that seeks to create an academic atmosphere conducive to the educational advancement of students in the field of accountancy.  It sponsors activities that provide exposure of students to the actual practice of accounting in business life, as well as develop civic consciousness and discipline among its members.


The Association of Business Administration Students (ABAS) is a university recognized organization of the School of Accountancy and Management. The organization aims to develop the skills of students in decision-making, organizing, and promoting activities, and to contribute to the organization’s objectives through the collaboration of the three major programs of the School (Financial Management, Management and Marketing Management).