Research Output (SAM)

Program’s Description

The Research Program of the School of Accountancy and Management aims to reach the highest level of excellence and develop research-oriented faculty, students and staff who are enthusiasts in resolving the challenging issues in business through research.

Research Goal

The School’s ardent desire and commitment is to be a valued contributor in the creation of new knowledge for the ultimate purpose of improving life through research is the primordial research goal of the School.

Research Objectives

The program specifically aims to:

  1. provide inspiration and motivation for faculty and  students to undertake excellent research;
  2. equip faculty members, students and staff with the necessary tools and techniques in developing high quality research;
  3. provide the essential strategies and procedures for conducting research related to the researcher’s specific area of discipline;
  4. orient researchers on the ethical considerations and aspects of research as they learn the rudiments of doing quality research; and
  5. provide and seek out the fora for national and international research presentations.

The  School of Accountancy and Management has numerous accomplishments along the line of research. Among them would include:

  1. Faculty members have actively participated, and presented  in a number of national and international research fora in Asaihl International Research Conferences, Royal Institution of Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and the United States.
  2. A faculty member has been awarded the “Most Outstanding Research” by the Funds for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE).
  3. Faculty members have written research in internationally refereed journals.
  4. Students writing research and consistently winning national awards given by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce in their annual Business Ideas Development Award (BIDA) Competitions.

These are just a few of what SAM has achieved in the line of research, manifesting its genuine commitment to achieve its primordial goal for the creation of knowledge to uplift human lives.