Co-curricular Activities (PHARMACY)

To enhance student’s knowledge, skills and competencies, the School of Pharmacy closely plans, coordinates and monitors the pharmacy internship in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and manufacturing pharmacy. Internship 1 to 4 subjects have been included in the curriculum to discuss the requirements and other details of the internship program. Internship coordinators are provided in each area of practice to ensure that the students will finish the 960 hours of internship requirements prior to graduation. The School has established a linkage and signed a Memorandum of Agreement with different drugstores, hospital pharmacies and manufacturing companies for such purpose.

CEU School of Pharmacy has signed Memorandum of Agreement with Makati Medical Center and Watson Philippines for the clerkship of the Doctor of Pharmacy students.


  1. A pharmacy student must enroll and pass the internship course provided in the pharmacy curriculum.

  2. The student must pass the required subjects prior to internship in the three areas:

Pharmaceutical Calculations & Community Pharmacy Internship –Internship 1
Hospital Pharmacy & Hospital Pharmacy Internship – Internship 2
Manufacturing Pharmacy & Manufacturing Pharmacy Internship – Internship 3
Completion of Internship 1, 2 & 3 – Internship 4

  1. The student must complete a total of 960 hours of internship which is composed of:

a. 200 hours of community pharmacy internship
b. 200 hours of hospital pharmacy internship
c. 200 hours of manufacturing pharmacy/pharmaceutical marketing/regulatory affair internship
d. 360 hours of major internship

  1. The student must submit the following to Internship Coordinators during the month of August for minor internship and January for the major internship.

a. Accomplished official time record signed by the registered pharmacist of the establishment.
b. Certificate of internship signed by the owner/registered pharmacist of the establishment.

  1. The student must submit the following to the Board of Pharmacy under the Professional Regulation Commission 20 days before the Pharmacist Licensure Examination.

a. Certificate of internship and time record
b. Transcript of Record
c. NSO Certified Birth Certificate (obtained in the last 6 months)
d. Marriage Contract-NSO Certified (for female married applicants)
e. Four (4) passport size photographs in white background with complete name tag
f. Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)

Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association

The CEU JPPhA Beta Chapter is an organization of the Pharmacy students in CEU.  Gaining university recognition in 1996, its objectives include promoting educational advancement in the field of Pharmacy education and administration and providing students with gradual exposure to actual practice of different specializations in pharmacy.  It is a member of the Federation of Junior Chapter, Philippine Pharmaceutical Association (FJCPPhA).