Co-curricular Activities (PHARMACY)

Pharmacy Student Council

The Pharmacy Student Council is the highest governing body of all bona fide pharmacy students at CEU Manila, Makati and Malolos. The PSC is committed to serve the students and provide them with quality activities and opportunities that will promote student development and welfare and ensure understanding and unity among students, as well as between students and faculty and administrators.

The PSC represents the students where their rights and interests are concerned. It trains students in leadership, foster respect for self-government, encourages initiative and participation in activities of the School of Pharmacy and University, and promotes wholesome companionship.

All bona fide pharmacy students shall enjoy membership in the Pharmacy Student Council upon payment of the membership fee.


Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association

The CEU JPPhA Beta Chapter is an organization of the Pharmacy students in CEU.  Gaining university recognition in 1996, its objectives include promoting educational advancement in the field of Pharmacy education and administration and providing students with gradual exposure to actual practice of different specializations in pharmacy.  It is a member of the Federation of Junior Chapter, Philippine Pharmaceutical Association (FJCPPhA).


Community Outreach Movement Pro Active Student Service (COMPASS) - Pharmacy Chapter

The COMPASS Pharmacy Chapter is an organization committed to promote individual growth and competence through volunteer opportunities. It aims to develop self-sacrifice, a heart of grace, and a loving soul through volunteerism among Pharmacy students. The organization envisions a School of Pharmacy Community with a compassionate and active volunteer members. In constant collaboration with the Community Outreach Department of the University, the organization provides a helping hand for the development and welfare of its adaptive community.