Co-curricular Activities (DENT)

Hospital Dentistry subjects (Hospital Dentistry 1 and 2) are taken by fourth year proper dental students for one year for two semesters. Both subjects have a 1-unit lecture component and a 2-unit laboratory component. The lecture component is conducted at the CEU School of Dentistry and the laboratory component is conducted at the assigned affiliated hospitals, namely, the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC), the Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC), and the St. Jude Hospital and Medical Center (SJHMC). The Laboratory component which is also described as “Dental Interns’ Observership Training” focuses on the dental interns’ familiarization with the different hospital areas and immersion in a total patient care on a team approach in a hospital environment and establishing the role of the dentist as a member of the team.


Dental externship for senior students at a local or university training hospital or affiliated hospital designed to orient the students with hospital decorum, scope and overall functions of the different Departments and Divisions.
Credit: 3 units (1 unit lecture / 2 units hospital duty)
Contact Hours: 1 lecture hour / 6 hours hospital duty per week


Internship for senior students in a local hospital with rotation to the different departments, and learn referral system and proper hospital decorum.
Credit: 3 units (1 unit lecture / 2 units hospital duty)
Contact Hours: 1 lecture hour / 6 hours hospital duty per week


Student governing body of the School of Dentistry.


The Dental Clinicians Club is an organization of Junior and Senior Dentistry students.  It represents the rights and interest of the clinicians and it aims to develop each clinician's full potential as a person and as a future professional.  The organization coordinates between the clinician and the clinical instructors regarding rules and regulations in the dental infirmary to maintain peace and order.


The PDSA aims to prepare dental students to meet the social, cultural, ethical, and scientific obligations of the dental profession.  It works in cooperation with other dental schools and associations for the improvement of dental art and science.  It also forms linkages with different dental agencies in elevating the standards of dental education in the Philippines.