Successful Alumni (DENTISTRY)

School of Dentistry, Class 1993
Managing Partner
Asian Center for Dental Specialties

“CEU has so much to offer - from clinical competence to being industry leaders. All one has to do is to be open and ready to what the teachers will share and what the university will offer.

I was an average student but my active participation in co and extra-curricular activities honed me in becoming what I am now and what I have achieved.

CEU trained me well in both theoretical and practical aspects of dentistry. This gave me the ability to cope with varied situations and the edge when I took my post-graduate program in the US.”


School of Dentistry, Class 1987
President and CEO
Dundas Tower Dental Center & Laboratory
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"My time at CEU really prepared me for the responsibilities I would be blessed with later in life. Today I am fortunate to share my passion as a doctor and as a mentor, nurturing the next generation of dentists just as the University has nurtured me.”

Dr. Guzman is a recipient of numerous awards, the most recent of which was the Most Outstanding Filipino-Canadian Businessman by the Philippine Independence Day Council for his exemplary contributions to the Filipino-Canadian community. He currently divides his time heading his own practice and being a clinical instructor at the University of Toronto and George Brown College in Canada and Everest College in USA.