Programs Offered (MEDTECH)

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
  • Master of Science in Medical Technology
  • MS in Health Science Education Major in Medical Technology Education



The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate technical competence in the performance of clinical laboratory tests in aid of diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases vis-a-vis biosafety and waste management;
  2. Apply analytical and critical thinking skills in the workplace;
  3. Manage the collection, analysis and projection of health information for improving the health care management system;
  4. Demonstrate interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and ethical practice of the profession;
  5. Apply research skills in relevant areas of Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science practice;
  6. Lead in community-oriented activities;
  7. Devise life-long learning activities;
  8. Assess effective teaching and communication skills;
  9. Values good stewardship and accountability of resources;
  10. Support social responsibility, social justice and respect for diversity.



1. Analyst in:

  • clinical laboratories
  • drug testing laboratories
  • water analysis laboratories
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • veterinary clinics
  • food companies
  • cosmetic clinics
  • fertility clinics
  • microbiological laboratories
  • nuclear medicine laboratories

2. Researcher in clinical/educational/diagnostic institutions

3. Professional Product Specialist in manufacturing/marketing/sales companies

4. Academician and Health Science Educator

5. Molecular Biologist / Geneticist

6. Medical Transcriptionist

7. Forensic Technologist

8. Specialist in Laboratory Information Systems

9. Perfusionist

10. Cardiographic Technologist

11. Public Health Practitioner

12. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Officer

13. Occupational Safety Specialist

14. Phlebotomist

15. Histotechnologist / Cytotechnologist

16. Sonographer