Successful Alumni (MEDTECH)

College of Medical Technology, Class 1972
Pathology Manager, Asian Hospital

"I took my studies at CEU because it is one of the schools that pioneered Medical Technology in the country.

At CEU, we developed close bond with each other because we remained in the same class until third year. This encouraged us to help each other, especially in carrying out our laboratory projects. Our professors were very supportive and they encouraged us to pursue our vision and to succeed in our chosen field.

I believe all these equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to be a medical technologist.”

College of Medical Technology, Class 1997
Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist Laboratory Medicine Program
University Health Network
Ontario, Canada

“What I remember most during my time at CEU was how friendly my teachers were. No wonder it was the school that my elementary school teacher recommended to me. I'm grateful for that because I believe that my CEU education equipped me with the knowledge and skills that are internationally recognized, which really helped me get to where I am now in my career.

CEU has a fun environment that allows you to discover your potentials, so my advice to future Escolarians is just to enjoy your stay and have fun while learning!”