Research Output (NHM)

  • Coordinated with Director Warner Andrada, Division Chief, Product Research and Development, Department of Tourism (DOT) for a research linkage.
  • Mr. Junn B. Poloyapoy presented his research entitled “Local Residents’ Involvement in and Perception on Tourism in Caramoan, Camarines Sur: Basis for Enhanced Roles and Responsibilities of the Host Community towards Sustainable Development” in the 2nd Annual PSU Phuket International Conference 2013 on November 15, 2013 in Phuket, Thailand.
  • The research paper of B.S. Tourism students (Charlene Upao, Jamee Noelle Ibasco, Allan Paul Besa and Jose Rafael Butiong and Adviser: Mr. Junn B. Poloyapoy) entitled Sustainable Development Practices of Nuvali Eco-City from the Stakeholders’ Perspective was accepted for paper presentation to 5th ApacCHRIE Youth Conference 2014.
  • Two (2) faculty members presented their research paper at the ICPH held on January 31, 2014.

                 Researcher:        Mrs. Ethel May F. Oñas

                 Research Title:    “The Relationship of Child Feeding Practices of Mothers with Nutritional Status of Pre-schoolers:

                                                A Case of Manunggal Street, Brgy.Tatalon, Quezon City”

                 Researcher:        Ms. Juvelyn J. Magadia

                 Research Title:    “The Effect of Television Advertisement on the Food Choices

                                                and Nutritional Status of Selected Pre-schoolers in Ibaan, Batangas”

  • All students who are enrolled in M.S.N.D., M.S.H.M. and M.S.T.M. submitted a copy of their theses in journal article format ready for publication.
  • At least 50% of M.S.N.D., M.S.H.M. and M.S.T.M. theses are submitted for publication.
  • Coordinated with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for possible research funding.

The following were accepted for paper/poster presentation in conferences outside CEU. They were presented to the International Conference of Health Professionals held at the Philippine International Convention Center last January 31, 2014.

      Research Title:     Effectiveness of a Hospital-Based Multi-disciplinary Weight Management Program

                                              Researcher:         Ms. Ma. Nenita C. Umali

      Research Title:     Out of Home Meals Raises Total Cholesterol Level of Selected Athletes in Centro Escolar University

                                              Researchers:        Jessica Pearl D. Chua, Joemarc B. Dela Cruz and Christalene Joy T. Dizo

      Research Title:     Time and Social Factors Affect the Food Intake of Male Teenage Residents of Boystown, Marikina,

                                              Researchers:        Kristine Riches Ann D. Moreno and Edreilyn C. Manalo

      Research Title:     Arm Span as Proxy Indicator of Height Among Selected Filipino and Iranian

                                      Dentistry Students of CEU, Manila

                                              Researcher:         Tracey Joyce T. Lendo

  • 30% of full time faculty members are involved in research (8 out 25 faculty members). Mr. Junn Poloyapoy, Mr. Hedrick A. Cervillon and Dean Uncad are conducting research on “Exploring Motivations and Tourist Typology: The Case of Inbound Tourism in Batanes, Philippines”; Ms. Catherine B. is conducting a research on “Marketing Mix of Selected Oceanarium in Metro Manila: Basis for Product Positioning”; Mrs. Ruth J. Reyes is doing a research on “Status of Selected Higher Education Institutions Hospitality and Tourism Management: Basis for Internationalization”; Ms. Veronica F. Balintona, Mrs. Lindsay Alvarez are conducting research on “Technology Resource Generation on the Production of Emergency Food”; Mrs. Janelle V. Qua is doing a research on “Wellness Tourism.”