Co-curricular Activities (NURSING)



The Philippine Nursing Research Society

CEU Cell is composed of nursing students and faculty members who are PNRS members studying and teaching in Centro Escolar University and who, as matter of geographic convenience, organize themselves to promote the goals of PNRS. This Cell shall engage only in activities that conform to the society’s goals and polices.


  1. PNRS CEU CELL- General Assembly 
  2. Seminar in Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  3. International Conference of Nursing Students 
  4. Philippine Nursing Research Society National Nursing Research Conference 
  5. Search for Best Undergraduate Research 
  6. Participation in Inter- School Research Fora and Conference

Nursing Student Council (NSC)

The Nursing Student Council (NSC) is committed to serve the studentry by spearheading quality and innovative activities that will promote and enhance total student development, leadership and welfare. The NSC also provides relevant opportunities and initiatives that promote understanding, unity, and cooperation, among students, between students, faculty, and administrators. Regular dialogues with the Dean and consultation meetings are being conducted to provide meaningful avenues for addressing student needs and concerns. 

The various NSC activities and leadership opportunities aim to develop the student leadership skills and abilities that will prepare them to become nursing leaders in the future. 

The Nursing Student Council (NSC) is a proud member of the  CEU- University Student Council (USC).