Programs Offered (OPTOMETRY)

  • Doctor of Optometry

Number of Semesters: 12 semesters

Total Units: 285 units

The Doctor of Optometry (OD) curriculum aims to produce globally competitive optometrists who are scientifically competent, technically skilled, caring, and responsible professionals. They are able to deliver the full spectrum of optometric service required in primary health care and have the ability to:

1. Relate knowledge in basic aliied and health sciences, general and ocular medical sciences, visual science, clinical sciences as well as have an understanding of the health care delivery system;

2. Provide quality eye and vision care through comprehensive and appropriate examination, measurement, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye and vision conditions;

3. Demonstrate expertise in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of systematic conditions and processes that affect vision;

4. Exhibit standard personal, professional, and ethical values fitting of a health care provider;

5. Conduct vision and eye care programs in response to the health care needs of the community and other sectors;

6. Engage in continuing professional development;

7. Present research and clinical studies which will contribute to the advancement of Optometry and improve quality of life.

The main objective of Optometry Education is to provide the country with Optometrists who are scientifically competent, technically skilled and globally competitive to deliver the full spectrum of optometric services required in Primary Health Care.

To provide effective instruction and training for prospective optometrists, the College has set the following objectives:

  • imbue the students with a high regard for academic excellence and ideals of professionalism;
  • promote wholesome values and attitudes in the practice of their profession;
  • provide opportunities for leadership in socio-civic activities; and
  • encourage research endeavours to strengthen the optometry profession.