Resources (OPTOMETRY)

Vision and Eye Care Center (VECC)

GDLSC Bldg. Ground Floor

An eye care clinic, with a 20 clinician’s module, designed to accommodate a growing number of optometry clinicians.  It’s a state of the art facilities which consist of all the advance equipment needed in the Optometry practice like auto refractometer, slit lamps, keratometers, tonometer and different visual charts.  Each module consists of projector or LCD target charts, refracting chairs, phoropter heads and chairs. An available area per  module  for bags and other personal belongings of a duty clinician.  


Junior's Clinic (JC)

GDLSC Bldg. 2nd Floor 

Junior’s Clinic (JC) is a clinic area with 3 fixed modules and 3 movable modules.  These facility is for 4th year optometry students (2nd year proper).  Laboratory subjects are held in this room such as refraction, Contact lens and practical optometry 1 and 2.  Juniors Clinic (JC) serves as lecture room for special topics that requires instruments and facilities.





Ophthalmics Laboratory (OphLab)

GDLSC Bldg. Rm. 210 

This facility is specially designed to meet the requirement of Ophthalmic class laboratory and Ocular Prosthetics Laboratory. The room contains lensometer, edging machines, lens blanks and other instruments and equipment use for edging, polishing & finishing ophthalmic lens. 




Optometry Specialty Clinic 

GDLSC Bldg. Rm. 206 

For use for Sports Vision laboratory, Pediatric clinic, Low Vision testing, & Ocular Disease laboratory. Contains Corneal Topography, Vision therapy instruments, & Low vision aids.