Successful Alumni (OPTOMETRY)

Dr. Marie Elaine Corinne A. Maceda 

College of Optometry, Class 2005
1st Placer - Optometry Licensure Exam 2005
Clinical/Occupational Optometrist
Maceda Eyecare Clinic and Optical

“I believe that CEU would give me the comprehensive education I needed for the course I wanted to pursue. CEU is known for producing board topnotchers and for its high passing rate. There is also the promise of a safe campus and fun environment to grow as a student.

At CEU, I was blessed with dedicated and competent professors who taught me the A-Z of optometry and equipped me with excellent technical and clinical skills that I needed for my career. CEU also inculcates values in every student, so I was trained to always practice and perform with passion, excellence, and honesty.”


Dr. Kendrick Nigel C. Tan 

College of Optometry, Class 2011
1st Placer - Optometry Licensure Exam 2011
Clinic & Research Assistant
Isaacs Optometrists

“I saw in my mother, an optometry alumna of CEU, that CEU offers the best optometry program in our country! True enough, my education at CEU served as a strong foundation for my career. The faculty and community imparted to me what I needed to know in optometry and, more importantly, the positive virtues that are equally crucial for me to succeed in career and in life.

There’s always a good feeling when I meet my fellow CEU graduates! There’s a certain connection right away!

Once an Escolarian, always an Escolarian!"


Dr. Joserine Samson RN

College of Optometry, Class 1996
BS Nursing, Dr. Carlos Lanting College, Class 2005
Specialty Contact Lens Practitioner
Gulf Eye Center
Dubai UAE

A highly motivated and confident individual with excellent multi-tasking and organizational skills. Able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and carers to maximize the best corrected vision of patients and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on their vision. Excellent client facing skills and ability o work closely with other health care professionals to assess patients' needs and devise suitable visual treatment plan for them.

Joserine, is both the Clinical Manager and Specialty Contact Lens Practitioner of Gulf Eye Center. She has been practicing her field for 20 years now, fitting and designing Specialty Contact Lenses such as Corneal, Hybrid and Screral RGP lenses for irregular corneas and high ammetropias. She also designs and fit Orthokeratology lenses, being one of the passionate practitioners across the glob who try to create awareness, control and manage progession of Myopia in Children. She is a member of American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control, British Contact Lens Associoation of Scleral Lens Education Society.

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