Research Output (DENTISTRY)

  • To provide faculty members and students the competency and skills in scientific research methods and processes;
  • To produce researches that have good potential for creating new knowledge which will benefit the larger academic community;
  • Make a valuable contribution to quality research that will enhance the delivery of oral health services; and
  • To be a Center of Excellence for Research.

Specific Objectives:

  • To strengthen the research culture among faculty members and students as an essential instrument in discovering and developing knowledge and innovation thus, improving research capability;
  • To conduct basic and clinical science researches relevant to the dental practice and enhance research productivity and the utilization of research output;
  • To encourage active participation in national and international research conferences and symposia;
  • To conduct / organize scientific forum once a year; and
  • Publish research on peer-reviewed journals.

Research focuses on:

1. Biotechnology

  • Early caries detection using laser technology

2. Biomaterials

  • Testing on current dental materials
  • Using indigenous materials
  • Development of new materials with novel properties for repair of tooth decay and periodontal disease

3. Clinical Research

  • Clinical application of dental materials testing its longevity in the oral cavity

4. Epidemiology

  • Oral health status and quality of life

5. Health Promotion and Education

The faculty members of the School of Dentistry are encouraged to produce researches for presentation in national and international symposia and publication in international academic journals. There were fifteen (15) faculty researchers funded by the University, two of which were presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of International Association for Dental Research-South East Asian Division (IADR-SEA) held in Malaysia (2005), and China (2009). Other faculty researches were also presented in different cities in the U.S, Australia, Taiwan, and Thailand. A published research (2009) can be found in The Angle Orthodontics, a peer-reviewed international journal.


Faculty and Student Researches

Achievement on Faculty Research