Research Output (DENTISTRY)

        The research program is designed to provide both faculty and students with an extensive foundation of research experience based on innovative dental science and recent advances in dentistry. The program involves wide range of research activities that integrate both biological and clinical sciences.

       This multidisciplinary program is intended for both faculty and students to be competent in the area of research in dental education, community dentistry and epidemiology, restorative science and esthetic dentistry, prosthodontics, oral diagnosis, endodontics, periodontology, orthodontics-pediatric dentistry, oral surgery and alternative medicine.  

General objectives:

        To    provide faculty members and students the competency and skills in scientific research methods and processes.     

Specific Objectives:

  • To strengthen the research culture among faculty members and students as an essential instrument in discovering and developing knowledge and innovation thus, improving research capability;
  • To conduct basic and clinical science researches relevant to the dental practice;
  • To encourage active participation in national and international research conferences and symposia;
  • To conduct / organize scientific forum once a year.

          The increasing demand for oral health care in the country has a tremendous impact in the growth and development of the dental profession. The 2018-2023 Research Agenda of the School of Dentistry covers the following:

1. Development and Use of Dental Biomaterials

2. Oral health: Psychosocial, Epidemiologic and Health Services