Co-curricular Activities (SCITECH)

Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS)
JPCS is the organization of students enrolled in computer programs at CEU. It aims to advance the interest and welfare of its members and encourage their cooperation and participation in School and University activities.  It organizes activities that provide exposure of students to the actual practice of Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology in the industries. It has a goal of enriching the students' knowledge and skills while reinforcing their social and civil responsibility by providing timely and relevant information, training, and application.
CEU Psychology Society
The Psychology Society is an organization led by the BS Psychology students of the School of Science and Technology. It works closely with the Psychology Department in rendering psychology-related services; organizing seminars/workshops/training, and linking with psychology student societies of other universities and with professional organizations like the Psychological Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Mental Health Association. Affiliate membership is open to any CEU student interested in benefiting from the advances in the field of psychology.

Accomplishment Reports

Rehabilitation Program for Drug Surrenderees
Drug surrenderees in the adopted community are given a psychological assessment to have an in-depth knowledge of their psychological concerns. Psychological interventions through psychological counselling, group dynamics, and psycho-social activities are likewise being conducted to the adopted community.
Vertical Gardening Project
The School of Science and Technology volunteers participated in the university community outreach project in Bgy. 836, Zone 91 Pandacan, Manila. The volunteers planted various types of plants in the riverside to make the area a little greener. The residents volunteered to water and take care of the plants.
Computer literacy project
The School of Science and Technology in cooperation with the University Community Outreach Department conducted training on Office Productivity and Photoshop. In addition to these training, intensive training of Computer System Servicing to interested out-of-school youths of the barangay. They were taught and prepared for the TESDA NCII certification. They took the certification last December 2019, and all of them are now TESDA certified.