Programs Offered (SCITECH)

Bachelor of Science in:

  •     Biology
  •     Psychology
  •     Cosmetic Science
  •     Computer Engineering
  •     Computer Science
  •     Information Technology

Master of Science in:

  •     Biology
  •     Cosmetics Science
  •     Guidance & Counseling
  •     Psychology
  •     Science Education
  •     Mathematics Education

Master in Information Technology

Doctor of Philosophy in:

  •     Science Education
  •     Guidance and Counseling
  •     Mathematics Education
  •     Psychology (with specialization in Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

BS Biology is a four-year program that seeks to develop students in the field of Biological Sciences to become competent, holistic and skilled professionals who can serve as researchers, educators, environmentalists and technologists. Furthermore, it provides a strong and adequate foundation for future endeavors in medical and graduate studies.

Specifically, the program aims to:

  1. provide comprehensive knowledge and critical awareness of the concepts, models, principles of various fields of Biology;
  2. translate knowledge in Biological principles and concepts in real life situations;
  3. have a strong foundation in knowledge, values and skills for future endeavors in medical and graduate studies;
  4. hone skills in the field of research, leadership, entrepreneurship and quality management and assurance;
  5. develop reportorial and communication skills specifically in the field of Biological Sciences;
  6. fortify skills in team working, information handling, use of information technology and skills for life-long learning;
  7. prepare students for increasingly complex life and work environment through development of creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills;
  8. equip students with life and career skills; and
  9. cultivate a caring attitude towards conservation and sustainability of the environment through relevant projects.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the four-year program the graduate has the ability to:

  1. apply the principles and concepts in biology and relate them to real life situations;
  2. apply the knowledge of biology in the conservation of natural resources;
  3. perform basic biological and chemical techniques in either laboratory or field work research settings;
  4. prepare technical reports and ability to effectively communicate orally and writing using the appropriate language in presenting research;
  5. apply critical thinking skills in solving problems and appreciate the limitations and implication of science in everyday life;
  6. demonstrate an objective viewpoint for discerning  information and analyzing biases of other people;
  7. make precise observation and able to distinguish small differences between samples and events;
  8. manifest a strong sense of ethical behavior as a person and as a professional;
  9. work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  10. attain knowledge of contemporary issues; and
  11. demonstrate a caring attitude by joining advocacy campaigns for the environment.

The BS in Psychology program is designed to provide students with a broad foundation of psychological concepts and principles that will prepare them as psychometricians, behavioural scientists, teachers, and practitioners in psychology. Graduates of this course are also qualified to enter medicine proper. The program provides opportunities for students to develop meaningful values and behaviors that lead to an enriched quality of human life, be aware of their social responsibility in applying their psychological knowledge to confront, influence, and redesign themselves and their environment towards positive and creative transformations, and explore traditional and visionary ways of effective behavior in a world of rapid changes.

Entrepreneurship is integrated in the course to provide students entrepreneurial skills to put up their own business.




The course is designed to serve the demand of the cosmetic industry for graduates of a four-year program with specialization in cosmetic science. The knowledge and skills acquired in the course are applied in the formulation and evaluation of cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances. The research component enhances the students’ ability to discover new active ingredients to improve cosmetic preparations. The 300-hour practicum training in various cosmetics industry and the inclusion of management and operation of cosmetic industry and business subjects in the curriculum provide students entrepreneurial skills for them to put up their own business, thus contributing to the growth of the national economy.


Bachelor  of  Science  in  Computer  Engineering  is  a  five-year  course  that  makes students  apply  engineering  principles  and  methodologies  in  the  analysis,  design, implementation and management of hardware, software, and the integration of both. To prepare students for professional engineering career who will effectively and efficiently meet  the  scientific,  technological  and  various  needs  of  business,  industries  and communities in the global economy. Aside from their professional knowledge and skills, the graduates  must   also   possess   strong   foundation   in   the   physical   and   basic engineering  sciences  as  well  as  in  human  relations  to  enable  them  to  meet  the challenges being brought about by the rapid technological developments.

Program Outcomes

  1. apply  knowledge  of  mathematics,  sciences  and  engineering  sciences  to  the practice of computer engineering;
  2. design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data;
  3. design a system to meet desired needs;
  4. work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  5. identify, formulate, and solve computer engineering problems;
  6. develop understanding of professional and ethical responsibility;
  7. communicate effectively in verbal and non-verbal communication;
  8. understand impact of engineering solution/s in a global/societal context;
  9. engage in life-long learning and too keep current of the development in a specific field of specialization;
  10. express knowledge of contemporary issues;
  11. use  appropriate  techniques,  skills,  and  modern  tools  necessary  for  computer engineering practice to be locally and globally competitive; and
  12. apply acquired computer engineering knowledge and skills for national development.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a four-year program which focuses on the study of concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations, implementation and application of information and computing solutions. It prepares students to be IT professionals and researchers, and to be proficient in designing and developing computing solutions. This course develops research skills to conduct innovative solutions to contribute to the well-being of the society and environment.

Program Outcomes:

  1. apply knowledge of computer science in the design and development of different systems;
  2. apply quality assurance skills in the design and development of different systems;
  3. use fundamental computer concepts in problem solving;
  4. conduct innovative research for the well-being of the society and the environment;
  5. propose and recommend designs to achieve information security in the workplace;
  6. document systems accurately and comprehensively; and
  7. showcase IT skills through participation in various competitions.

Bachelor  of  Science  in  Information  Technology  is  a  four-year  program  which focuses   on   the   utilization   of   computers   and   computer   software to plan, install, customize, operate, manage, administer, and maintain information technology infrastructure. It prepares students to be I.T. professionals, be well versed in application, installation, operation and maintenance. Graduate of BSIT contributes to the promotion of  ethical  use  of  computer.  It  develops  students  to  work  effectively  as  a  member  of  a development team and undertake leadership roles when appropriate.

Program Outcomes:

  1. apply  knowledge  in  designing,  managing,  and  administering  different  types  of systems;
  2. demonstrate knowledge in database management;
  3. document software integration and testing;
  4. design and manage computer networks;
  5. prepare and interpret financial accounting;
  6. work   effectively   in   teams   and   demonstrate   leadership   skills   in   systems development;
  7. practice I.T. in accordance with existing laws, legal, ethical, and moral principles;
  8. showcase IT skills through participation in various competitions; and
  9. document systems accurately and comprehensively.