Resources (SCITECH)

Biological Sciences Laboratories
The Biological Sciences laboratories which cater laboratory classes for Biological Sciences like Botany, Genetics and Anatomy and Physiology are located on the 2nd floor of Pilar Hidalgo Lim (PHL) and Fernando Salas Hall (FSH) buildings. Microbiology and zoology classes are held on the 4th floor of the Generosa de Leon Science Center (GDLSc) building.  All of the mentioned laboratory rooms are equipped with the required apparatus, equipment, chemicals and supplies needed for instruction purposes.
Centennial Research Laboratory
The Centennial Research Laboratory is found at Concepcion Aguila Hall (CAH) 3rd floor which houses state-of-the-art instruments and equipment like PCR, Fluorescence Photomicroscope,  and DNA Extraction Kits and enough apparatus, chemicals, and supplies both for instruction and research.  The laboratory is under the supervision of the expert - Coordinator for  Research and Facilities as varied laboratory services are rendered such as research critiquing, research protocol improvement, consultation on research interpretation provided with IACUC and IERC approval. and the authorization approval for the use of equipment and apparatus by the outside researchers and the mentioned services above as well. 
Computer Laboratory
These computers have access to the internet and are installed with the latest software which students can use in their researches and to update themselves with the latest trends in information technology.
Cosmetic Science Instrumentation Room
Students are given access to advanced instruments used in cosmetics manufacturing companies as well as the expertise of their professors who are accomplished industry practitioners.
Physical Sciences Laboratories
Psychology Laboratory
The Psychology Laboratory provides the venue for the hands-on practice and application of psychological principles for Psychology majors. The laboratory provides flexible space and can be transformed according to the course requirements and the user’s objectives, i.e.., psychological testing, the conduct of experiments, observations, group dynamics exercises, simulation of counselling sessions, demonstrations, mini-seminars, conferences or workshops. A one-way mirror facilitates observation and feedback of learning.