Successful Alumni (SCITECH)

Psychology Program, Class 2002
Business Owner and Early Childhood Educator
Chesterfield, Missouri, USA

“I took psychology because I'm interested in people’s behavior and relationships. I chose CEU because I trust the University's program. CEU really helped my career in many ways. My education allowed me to learn to handle multi-tasking responsibilities and manage my time.  I also enjoyed my major subjects during my 3rd and 4th year. Now, I’m a children's book author and the reigning Mrs. Missouri-International.”

Psychology Program, Class 2005
Program Director
Kids in Need Behavioral Intervention

“I know CEU is a prestigious institution and its adherence to ‘Science and Virtue’ helped me become a very critical and analytical person - attributes that are relevant and important to my career. The psychology program of CEU prepares its graduates to be globally competitive. The program also covers the study of children with special needs through immersions.

I admire my professors at CEU because they are dedicated, supportive, and caring. I also find the CEU library efficient in providing updated references. In fact, up to now, I go back there for my researches. I owe a big part of who I am to CEU. It is also where I met my wife and life partner."