Scholarships (SELAMS)

  • Upgraded Scholarship Program for Excellent Performance (USPEP)
  • CEU President’s Scholarship
  • Scholarship for high school honor graduates
  • SELAMS Alumni Chapter Scholarship
  • University Educational Assistance Program
  • University Full and Partial Academic Scholarship

This Scholarship grants are exclusive to SELAMS students aside from the University scholarships:  


CEU Alumni Foundation ELAMS Chapter Grant

These tuition fee grants are given to four (4) students of the CEU School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music, Social Work.


Grant Amount

An amount equivalent to the enrollment registration down payment or any amount approved by the ELAMS Alumni Chapter Board based on the availability of funds.



Applicant must:

•         Be a 3rd year or 4th year student with the full semestral load from the various programs under SELAMS;

•         Have no failing grades in the previous semester;

•         Be in need of financial assistance to be determined by the Dean which will be used as basis for recommendations to the ELAMS Alumni Chapter

•         Be willing to render service to the chapter, when the need arises.


•         A letter of intent for financial assistance addressed to Education-Liberal Arts Music- Social Work Alumni Chapter to be recommended by the Dean.

•         An interview of the applicant will be done by the Chapter, if and when necessary.


•         The grant may be renewed every school year (or every semester, depending on the availability of funds) provided that all the requirements of the grant are met.

SOCIAL WORK Alumni Scholarship Program

Social Work Scholars:

  1. Mazo, Florestelle A. - BSSW1A
  2. Cajurao, Ianeh Viennese R. - BSSW2A