Successful Alumni (SELAMS)




Education Program, Class 2010
Pre-School Enrichment Gym Teacher
MindChamps Pre-School

“I decided to take education because I believe that teachers make all professions possible. And I chose to take it at CEU because the CEU Education Program is a Center of Excellence. I'm grateful because the education I received at CEU nurtured me to become globally competitive. There were many professors who inspired me and I consider them my heroes.

To all incoming Escolarians, education at CEU is empowering! Make sure that you study hard and at the same time participate in school activities. You will never regret it.”






Rhoda C. Aguilar Ph.D

8th Place – LET May 1995

Acting Head, Student Records Management 




Julius Abel Galpao

4th Place – LET September 2007

Faculty Member, School of St. Anthony





Warlito G. Odono Jr.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science

Batch 2017

Registered Librarian



Mass Communication Program - Broadcast
Class 2008
News Reporter, TV5

“Looking back, I thought that the ‘Ciencia Y Virtud’ philosophy of CEU is just a tagline. But the moment I stepped into the real world, I realized how lucky I am to have come from a university which doesn’t just “talk the talk”. CEU breathes and lives by Science and Virtue.

In CEU, I was not just taught, I was nurtured. Aside from learning the craft I’ve been dreaming about since I was 11 years old, CEU ignited my passion to pursue my calling and prepared me vigorously for this industry.

If CEU is your first choice, congratulations! I admire your good taste for quality education."



Leo Vergara

Atty. Aldrin Mark Quintana

Maria Trixia Lapig Pacquiz

Angelica Robedillo