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CEU Alumna and CSC Chairperson Hon. Bala Talks on Character Excellence in Government Service

17 November 2021

In this time when the country is about to choose a new set of leaders in the coming national elections in May 2022, Centro Escolar University Alumni Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Social Work Chapter invited its very own alumna Hon. Alicia Bala to talk on “Character Excellence in Government Service: Living Out the Core Values of CEU” in its recent webinar held via Zoom with livestreaming on its social media page.


With 45 years of being a civil servant, Hon. Alicia Bala, Social Work graduate of CEU is presently the Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission. She humbly shared her beginnings and learnings as an Escolarian regarding academic and values-formation.


She said that the values taught to them at home were aligned with the core values of the University. It is CEU who nurtured these values which she still carries up to now – i.e. being God-fearing, caring for others, sense of responsibility, and unqualified integrity, qualities that any government leader should possess.


Hon. Bala encouraged the Filipinos especially the youth to get registered and exercise their right to vote. She also reminded the voters to be mindful of the kind of political platform the candidates have. It is very important to consider if these platforms uphold human rights and people’s interest, inclusive, creating a culture of trust, and promoting a sense of community.


“Our country needs everyone to contribute and be part of the history in this time—to make a difference, to build and rebuild and or bring back a better life for everyone, where not a single individual is left behind”, said Chairperson Bala.


After the very rich talk, the guest speaker welcomed questions in the open forum.


This event was made possible through the leadership of CEU AFI President Dr. Paz Lucido, with SELAMS Dean, Dr. Maria Rita Lucas, Social Work Program Head, Dr. Lolita Pablo and its working committees.


For more information about CEU, please visit the official website of the University at www.ceu.edu.ph. You may also follow CEU on Facebook at @theCEUofficial, @CEUMalolosofficial, @CEUMakati05 and on Twitter at @CEUmanila, @CEU_makati05, and @CEUMalolos.

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