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CEU ENGAGE and QPQU Digital Created and Launched

23 October 2020

The global pandemic made digital media take on a huge role in the new teaching and learning setup of teachers and students, as well as in the work-from-home arrangement of employees.  The wise and prompt decision of Centro Escolar University on the continuity of education led to the creation of the CEU Engagement thru the Net for Growth in the Digital AGE (ENGAGE) for its students and the Quality People Quality University (QPQU) Digital for its faculty and non-teaching personnel.  Both programs focus on promoting connection and digital wellness for the entire CEU community.


CEU ENGAGE (Engagement thru the Net for Growth in the Digital AGE)


The CEU ENGAGE program was launched a week after the opening of classes of the University.  A series of online activities have been prepared for the students to build and maintain a sense of belongingness and spirit of community within them and with other members of the community, while also keeping themselves safe at the comforts of their homes.


The program comprises six teams namely Student Engagement, Successful Online Learners, Digital Well-Being, Digital Citizenship, Digital Etiquette, and Digital Safety. These teams have lined up fun, interactive and enriching online activities for the students with a common goal of helping them be productive, responsible and safely engaged in the digital world.


During its launch, anime characters that represent each of the teams were introduced, and were given official names through the “Name That Anime Contest”, where students participated and recommended names suited for the roles of the teams and their character representations.


Student Engagement


Represented by Cola (anime name taken from “Escolar”), the Student Engagement Team has designed and implemented various activities that just not make the Escolarians feel connected to CEU but also challenge their creativity and resourcefulness and hone their skills and talents.



Successful Online Learners


With Leorio  (which means “Gift of God” and to represent “learning”), its anime character, the Successful Online Learners Team arranged activities that foster positive and pro-active attitude towards online learning and which will help students become successful online learners in their chosen program and profession.


Digital Well-Being


The Digital Wellbeing Team also known as Dr. Pierre (the title “Dr.” is affixed to the anime name to signal scientific knowledge and sincere care ) offers activities meant to promote healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balance between digital and face-to-face interactions as extensive use of gadgets can be real harmful to one’s well-being.


Digital Citizenship


In the Digital Citizenship Team, Carmela and Avel (culled from the names of the University founders, Dona Carmen de Luna and Dona Librada Avelino) assist students in becoming responsible, ethical, honest and literate in the digital world. There are loads of information that one consumes from digital media, but it is very important to have the right mindset and behavior when appreciating and using them.


Digital Etiquette


Through the Digital Etiquette Team named as Larina (from “Escolarina”), students are taught the “netiquette” or set of rules for acceptable manners and behavior while communicating online because the digital world is no different than the real world, there are also limitations and rules that must be applied.


Digital Safety


Escolarian netizens must be aware of the dangers in using the internet and more importantly, they should learn and equip themselves with effective ways to protect themselves. With Officer Cyrina (again, from the word “Escolar” or “Escolarina”) as in-charge, the Digital Safety Team provides info-graphics, videos and webinars on the basics and trends on safeguarding oneself and privacy online.


QPQU (Quality People, Quality University) Digital


The QPQU, which  is a program already established and fully operational, pursues activities to ignite real motivation for work among the faculty and personnel of the University, make them extra inspired to turn out quality work and outputs, as well as influence others to be motivated and inspired in leading quality personal and work life. 


Considering that both faculty and non-teaching personnel are remotely located and have shifted to online work arrangement, the QPQU Digital was launched on September 2020 to strengthen their commitment to the Vision and Mission of the University and promote the CEU values in their online engagement. The program also advances the concepts of digital citizenship and technology-life balance.


Four teams were formed under this program namely Employee Engagement and Productivity, Digital Well-Being, Digital Etiquette, and Digital Safety


Employee Engagement and Productivity


The Employee Engagement and Productivity Team conducts fun and enriching activities through various digital platforms to educate employees about digital productivity tools that will help them with their day-to-day tasks.


Digital Well-Being


Helping both faculty and non-teaching personnel maintain their health and wellness in an environment characterized by digital information and communication overload is the beat and call of the Digital Well-Being Team.


Digital Etiquette


The Digital Etiquette Team promotes desirable manners in online interaction and engagement in all forms of communication platforms such as e-mails, video conferencing, digital and social networking sites.



Digital Safety


This team provides guidelines on safe and responsible use of the internet. The Digital Safety Team also ventures on orienting and updating the employees on security risks associated with or inherent in the use of different online platforms.


The holistic approach of CEU ENGAGE and QPQU Digital applies  the three principles of online engagement of the University—protecting the safety and promoting the well-being of all members of the CEU community; sustaining the quality of the academic experience; and ensuring the active engagement of members of the CEU community with one another and with the University undertakings.


To give students a rich college experience, we have put in place programs to continue to foster a sense of community in the University and address their need for social connections despite physical distancing. Let us promote each one’s well-being through kind, patient and thoughtful social interactions,” said Dr. Ma. Cristina D. Padolina, CEU President and Chief Academic Officer in her message to the members of the CEU community.


The activities of CEU ENGAGE and QPQU Digital Teams can be accessed via Facebook Workplace. For more information about the University, particularly its initiatives and ongoings for this school year, kindly visit the official website of the University at www.ceu.edu.ph and click CEU SY 2020-2021 on the landing page. You may also follow CEU on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theCEUofficial and on Twitter at @CEUmanila, @CEU_makati05, and @CEUMalolos.




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