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CEU Holds Seminar Workshop for Junior and Senior High Guidance Counselors 2024

22 April 2024

Centro Escolar University (CEU) Marketing Communications Department recently hosted an insightful seminar workshop aimed at empowering guidance counselors to foster sustained mental well-being among learners.


Titled "Supporting Learners to Survive and Thrive," the event held at the ISC Mezzanine in CEU Manila drew participants from various junior and senior schools in the country, including representatives from an international Philippine school in the Middle East.


Dr. Sheila Marie "Shake" G. Hocson, an esteemed expert holding multiple credentials served as the resource speaker. Dr. Shake delved into the critical realm of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), emphasizing its significance in the holistic development of individuals. Her comprehensive discourse covered the importance of SEL, strategies for its cultivation, and practical approaches for integrating it into educational settings.


The workshop was designed to be interactive, with activity assessments that encouraged active participation from attendees. This approach facilitated dynamic discussions and enabled counselors to gain practical insights into implementing SEL initiatives within their respective institutions. Participants eagerly engaged in the activities, demonstrating a keen interest in enhancing their skills and knowledge to better support the mental well-being of their students.


One of the key takeaways from the seminar workshop was the recognition of SEL as a foundational element in promoting positive mental health outcomes among learners. Dr. Hocson highlighted the role of counselors as catalysts for nurturing emotional intelligence, resilience, and interpersonal skills in students, thereby equipping them with essential tools to navigate life's challenges effectively.


The seminar workshop staged by CEU Marketing Communications Department led by its Head, Dr. Ma. Eleanor C. Espinas and Ms. Jhorizza Palma, PR and Events Marketing Assistant in partnership with the CEU Guidance and Counseling Department headed by Dr. Juana Rosa Martinez, provided a valuable opportunity for professionals to deepen their understanding of SEL and its practical application in educational settings.


With Dr. Hocson's expertise guiding the discussions, the participants became empowered and equipped with actionable insights to create nurturing environments that promote the holistic development and well-being of learners. As educators continue to prioritize mental health in education, initiatives like these, they serve as vital stepping stones towards building resilient and thriving communities of learners.


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