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CEU Nursing Student Administers First Aid to Injured Cyclist

17 November 2021

Centro Escolar University School of Nursing student John Nino Abon applied first aid treatment to an injured cyclist who encountered an accident in front of the CEU Librada Avelino gate.


The cyclist was riding his bike along the streets of Mendiola when a stray cat ran towards his path. When he tried to avoid running over the cat, he lost his balance which resulted in his crashing into the center aisle pavement.


“A commotion started to form around the area which could put the patient at risk of losing consciousness from lack of oxygen supply and the guy who found him didn't know anything about first aid. I decided to intervene since I had knowledge on first aid gained from my specialization on Health Services and Caregiving  at the Centro Escolar Integrated School-Manila and on possible nursing interventions acquired from my course, Bachelor of Science in Nursing at CEU Manila”, said John Nino, who is currently on his second year as a nursing student.


Nino initially asked for a medical kit from the police officer, but unfortunately there was no kit available, so he asked an officer’s assistance to immediately call an ambulance.


Meantime, he resorted to asking the joggers and bystanders for help and they gave him two towels which he used to put pressure on the victim’s head without compromising the possibility of infection on his open wound.


He was able to contact and inform the cyclist’s mother about his condition. When the ambulance with the Emergency Response Team (EMT) arrived, he was taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot and a schedule for CT scan.  The cyclist’s mother and his brother thanked John Nino for extending help to him.


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