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CEU Sampaguita Interlude 2023: A Timeless Tradition

9 August 2023

After three years, Centro Escolar University’s long-time traditional celebration, the Sampaguita Interlude was finally staged in-person at the CEU North Quadrangle.


While creating beautiful human flower formations, the smell of the Sampaguita filled the CEU North Quadrangle as the Seniors and Juniors sang the Sampaguita Interlude playlist which includes the songs, “Fair Sampaguita, “El Collar Sampaguita”, and “Sampaguitang Mabango”.


Transferring the Sampaguita garlands to the junior partners turned to be an emotional moment. This sets as the ceremonial turnover of duties and responsibilities to the next batch of seniors. For the graduating students, it signals the end of their college life since the occasion is a prelude to their graduation day.


The country’s national flower Sampaguita is admired for its pure white color and sweet fragrance, symbolizing purity, simplicity, and humility like what a true Escolarian is—qualities which are highly regarded virtues in the Filipino culture.


This year is the 84th CEU Sampaguita Interlude which signifies how much the University preserves its school traditions that create lasting memories and connections among the members of its community.


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