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CEU Alumna Appointed as PRC Board of Optometry Chairperson

7 February 2024

Photo credits to PRC


The Centro Escolar University School of Optometry proudly acknowledges the remarkable achievements of its alumna, Hon. Irene Christine C. Peliño, who has recently been appointed as the Chairperson of the Professional Regulatory Board of Optometry.


“Being a chairperson entails a lot of responsibilities. It does not mean you always have to be the leader but also a good follower,” said Hon. Peliño.


Before assuming the role of a chairperson, Hon. Peliño actively contributed to optometry societies in Iloilo. The chapter she was part of received the Outstanding Chapter award, recognizing their impactful initiatives for the underprivileged and marginalized communities, alongside their active involvement in advancing the profession.


Despite the demands of her current position, Hon. Peliño makes time to visit her family in Iloilo, and she cherishes the moments spent reminiscing about her college days during Optometrist board examinations held at CEU.


Returning to the campus, she expresses happiness and pride in witnessing the substantial improvements, citing the development of the North Gate and new buildings.


“I feel happy every time I come back here because I have lots of fond memories here and I am proud because I have seen a lot of improvements in the campus. The North Gate did not look like that nor the buildings before. When we were studying here, this building where the Optometry lab is did not exist. We only used the Concepcion Aguila Hall for all our Optometry subjects,” recalled Hon. Peliño.


During her student years, the dedicated Ilongga eye doctor prioritized her studies, aiming to excel in her finals despite the challenges that often resulted in sleepless nights.

Hon. Peliño attributes her success to the values instilled in her by CEU, emphasizing the importance of always giving one's best. This advice, she passes on to aspiring optometrists, encouraging them to overcome obstacles with tenacity and to cultivate a genuine passion for their profession.


Hailing from a family deeply rooted in optometry, Hon. Peliño is the third generation to uphold this tradition. Their journey began in 1919 with her grandfather's establishment of a clinic, creating a legacy that continues to thrive through her exemplary contributions to the field.



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