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CEU Pharmacy Alumna on the Helm of a Thriving Business Conglomerate

28 January 2022

Centro Escolar University maxim of Science and Virtue serves as life’s guiding principle of CEU School of Pharmacy alumna, JoAnn Sy as she ventured into establishing her own company and dipping her hands into other business enterprises.


She believes that virtues are the basic qualities necessary for everyone's well-being that could lead to better communication, understanding, and acceptance among people in the society, while the methodical knowledge of science influences how people think about others and the environment.


The innately shy and innocent lass from Zamboanga del Norte mustered enough courage to embrace the urban life of Manila to be able to blend and adapt to the challenges of city life. Her perseverance paid off when she finished her course and received her certificate as a bona fide CEU alumna with the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree.


Currently, JoAnn spearheads JSB Group of Companies, a fast-rising business conglomerate of Chain of Pharmacies and Real Estate Investments in the US and overseas, which she conscientiously established and personally manages.


JoAnn's remarkable journey, though definitely a success, wasn't all smooth sailing. However, her acquired education has effectually lessened the burden of challenges in life that offered her more opportunities and better possibilities in her career and personal growth. Being a risk-taker and adventurous made her a noteworthy achiever. She admitted that there were mistakes and failures in her decisions along the way, but she eventually learned from them.


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