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CEU Honors Personnel and Parent-Alumni for Loyalty and Fidelity

14 October 2019

The legacy of Dr. Concepcion Aguila, Centro Escolar University’s icon of fidelity, continues with the celebration of this year’s Loyalty Day which honored employees who have dedicated 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service to the University, and parent-alumni who have chosen CEU to be the provider of their children’s tertiary education.


Plaques of recognition were given to 86 teaching and non-teaching personnel for their commitment to the University through the years. Ten of them received the highest service award of 40 years namely Mrs. Andrea Cuarto, Mrs. Lydia De Vera, Mr. Nestor Estabillo, Ms. Leticia Faustino, Dr. Jocelyn Flores, Mr. Rodolfo Gabat, Mrs. Sally Hubag, Dr. Zenaida Los Baños, Mr. Policarpo Angelo Oconer, and Dr. Rachael Reyes.   


Loyalty is not just measured in the number of years of service but how one spent those years in work to fulfill the university’s goals as guided by CEU’s twin philosophy of Scientia y Virtud which was given another translation as good and Godly, as remarked by CEU President and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Ma. Cristina Padolina.


“Our work in CEU is an expression of our faith in God. We should realize that God is at work in our tasks, duties, and responsibilities in CEU. God works through our work that we may do good to others. We do our work using the talents that God has blessed us with and in turn, we become blessings to others,” Dr. Padolina said. 


The birth anniversary of Dr. Concepcion Aguila, former CEU Executive Director and the first Dean of the Graduate School and an alumna herself was also commemorated during the event.

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